Tests complete ignition systems from distributor to spark plugs. Identifies problems such as distributor shaft runout, point bounce and electronic module failures.

Tests advance curves (mechanical or programmed), vacuum advance, cylinder-to cylinder ignition timing accuracy, breaker points and electronic module dwell.

Accepts all types of distributors and magnetos - breaker points, magnetic pickups, optical sensors, electronic modules (and includes a high tension inductive clamp pickup for magnetos.)

Checks all analog and digital ignition box functions such as nitrous timing switches and rev lmitiers.

Ignition signal can be accessed through the primary side of coil or through the inductive clamp on the high-tension secondary lead

D16 Professional Tester is equipped with a powerful 1.5hp motor that can spin the largest Top Fuel magnetos up to 11,000rpm (crankshaft.)

ER-40 collet system provides positive distributor/magneto drive eliminating slippage.

Constructed of Machine billet aluminum housing with laser-etched graphics. TIG -welded internal aluminum frame.

Each model includes a full package of accessories for complete testing

D16 Professional

Our Professional model comes equipped with a powerful 1.5horsepower motor and is designed for a complete test of distributors with either electronic ignition modules or contact breaker points. Read more on the product page.

D16-T Standard

Our Standard model comes equipped with a 1 horsepower motor and has many features needed for the car enthusiast or garage. Read more on the product page.


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